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Bengals Banter: Are You Ready for the NFL Draft?

One day, my friends. One day and we kick off this year's NFL Draft. Oh, how sweet it is. Can you feel it? Are you getting nervous, wondering which prospect the Bengals could draft? Are you more interested in what happens past the first round, selecting players that helps the team's overall roster? Are you anxious to get into the thick of things, debating the merits of the team's first round pick? Can one answer yes to every question? Can one answer yes to that question.

As Jake pointed out, we'll be here with open threads, analysis, all weekend starting from the first round until well after the draft ends. Make sure you join us.

Interested in knowing whom the Bengals are reportedly interested in?

James Walker thinks it will be tough for the Bengals to repeat as division champions.

Chad Ochocinco will be reportedly back in Cincinnati to work out with teammates before heading to the NFL Draft for OCNN with his newest employee, Darrelle Revis. Speaking of which, we received this release regarding Revis' newest job:

Chad Ochocinco’s Ochocinco News Network (OCNN), powered by MOTOBLUR, today announced the hiring of his on-field nemesis New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis to be his off-field teammate for the OCNN news team. Revis, considered to be the best one-on-one coverage man in the NFL, will test out his “coverage” skills as he teams up with OCNN reporter and top-five draft prospect Gerald McCoy to give fans an insider look at this week’s NFL Draft. Together they will interview prospects, share videos and post pictures from this week’s draft festivities.

Bengals Gab suggests that the key to the season could be the first five weeks of the season. I can see the point, but the Bengals final six games are likely what's going to be what makes or breaks the team with games against the Jets, Saints, Steelers, Chargers and Ravens.