A recent look back at Cincy drafts – what to expect


(1) K Rivers OLB

(2) J Simpson WR

(3) P Sims DT

(3) A Caldwell WR

(4) A Collins OT

(5) J Shirley DT

(6) C Lynch

(6) M Sherry

(7) A Craig

(7) M Urrutia

The first round pick has played well. Not great, but well. Missed some time due to injury in his first year. And hasn’t looked anything like he did at USC, but is a solid player.

The second round pick was a head scratcher on draft day, and 2 years later, still continues to be. Can’t even get into uniform for game day. Bust may be an accurate tag.

Sims & Caldwell were nice round 3 picks. Both are in the rotations, and see a good amount of time on the field.

Collins in round 4 was a nice grab, as he was rated much higher. Is a good backup at tackle.

After 4 good rounds it went downhill. Shirley couldn’t cut it at DT, got moved to OG, and is on the practice squad, while the other guys are either with him on the PS or long gone.

Starters 2 years after the draft: 1

Key Backups 2 years after the draft: 3


(1) L Hall

(2) K Irons

(4) M White

(5) J Rowe

(6) M Toeaina

(7) D Santucci

(7) C Ndukwe

Some wondered about Hall, with images of Ted Ginn Jr. burning him flashing on the t.v. screen during draft day. But Hall has turned out to be a very good pick.

The second round pick was a bit of a reach for a guy who wasn’t that great in college, and didn’t really fill a need. He got hurt, and we’ll never know if the Bengals lost a good one, or escaped embarrassment with a high pick that would have turned into a Bust.

White was a decent pickup in round 4, as he did start for the Bengals. But his starting days were short lived, and his most memorable play was the big hit he put on G Jennings from GB, who bounced White off of him, and jogged into the endzone for a TD.

Rowe was something of a head scratcher, to put it kindly. Bad qb in college. Wasn’t any better in the pros. Was quickly cut. Toeaini & Santucci have never seen the field. Their last 7th round pick was quite a nice one, who has seen the field regularly.

Starters 2 years after the draft: 1

Key Backups 2 years after the draft: 1


(1) J Joseph

(2) A Whitworth

(3) F Rucker

(4) D Peko

(5) AJ Nicholson

(6) R McNeal

(7) E Kilmer

(7) B Brazell

Round 1 pick turned out to be an instant starter. He’s one of the better CB’s in the league.

Round 2 produced a good starting OL, who is now our LT.

Round 3 gave us a backup DE, who only survives until we draft somebody better.

Round 4 gave us our best DT, which isn’t bad for a round 4 selection.

After round 4 it went downhill. None of the guys in 5, 6, 7 ever saw the field, and are long gone.

Starters 2 years after the draft: 3

Key Backups 2 years after the draft: 1


(1) D Pollack

(2) O Thurman

(3) C Henry

(4) E Ghiaciuc

(5) A Keift

(6) T Perry

(7) J Fanene

The round 1 pick was something of a reach. A bit too unexplosive to pressure the qb, and a bit to weak to stop the run. But was able to break the lineup due to a lack of competition. He got hurt, so we’ll never know if he could have turned into a productive player worth a high pick.

Round 2 produced a great linebacker who led the defense on our first playoff appearance in decades. Unfortunately, he was still there in round 2 for a reason, and only really played for us that 1 season before he was out of the league.

Round 3 was a mirror of round 2. Great talent, but off-field issues. Flashed a lot of talent, but couldn’t get things together to stay on the field. Then when he finally did get it all together, he got hurt and then tragically died.

Round 4 gave us a starter. But a very bad starter, who thankfully was gone after the 2008 season.

Round 5 was unproductive, and round 6 is hard to judge as he went out to injury.

Round 7 produced a good player, who gives us depth at DE and DT, and can start.

Starters 2 years after the draft: 0

Key Backups 2 years after the draft: 1

Starters 2 years after the draft: 5 (1.2)

Key Backups 2 years after the draft: 6 (1.3)

So if the last 4 drafts are any indication...

Expect a decent 1st round pick that will start on defense.

Expect a 2nd round pick that will be a bust.

Expect a mix of good/bad 3rd and 4th round picks.

Don’t expect much after round 4, except for a 7th round pick that will be a key backup.

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