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Pre-Draft Open Thread

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The NFL Draft starts in seven hours, give or take a few seconds based on the accuracy of the SB Nation and official NFL Draft clock. As the clock ticks down and anticipation builds, the Bengals massive scouting department is assuredly arguing vehemently as the draft board cements into place. As you and I, we, the fans prepare for this year's edition of wild speculation and sometimes unfounded player projections and prognostication, here are some fun things that we can look at.

"For each team's picks from 2000 to 2007, Footballl Outsiders calculated the Games Started Above Average (GSAA), a weird-science metric that compares the number of starts a player had during his first five seasons to the starts of a baseline player of similar draft value. But we also factored in the draft history, expertise of decision-makers and overall efficiency of every operation to get our 1-32 ranking."

29. Cincinnati Bengals

Team president Mike Brown oversees the league's leanest scouting operation, while coach Marvin Lewis occasionally weighs in. Their record includes quality corners (Leon Hall, '07, RD1) and linebackers (Rey Maualuga, '09, RD2). If only Cincy's picks spent more time with the team than with the cops.



GSAA: Minus-1.15


Today, the first round of the draft starts at 7:30 PM. There will be 32 selections, all of which will take approximately 10 minutes, but based on last year's first round that took 3 hours and 23 minutes, all 320 minutes (over 5 hours) may not be used. Then again, since the first round now has an entire night to itself, it might be a little bit longer this year.