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Open Thread: First Round of The 2010 NFL Draft

The NFL draft is here, folks. Well, not quite, but it's only an hour away, so it's time for an open thread! The Bengals will be picking in as many as 270 minutes, more than 4 hours from now, but we can always hope that the first round is only as long as it was last year, when it lasted just over 200 minutes in total! 

It's a 3-day event this year, and this is just the first of many Cincy Jungle draft-coverage threads. Here's what you can expect from us for the next few days:

  1. Open threads that don't lag! I'll be doing this personally, and if a thread ever gets too big, I'll be quick to make a new overflow thread. Ideally, we'll have a whole lot of these because there will be hundreds of you guys around to talk about the draft, cry when Dez Bryant gets picked early, or cheer when Earl Thomas miraculously falls to 21.
  2. Player introductions and information. Head honcho Josh Kirkendall will be writing this up after every pick, telling us what to expect, who the guy our favorite football team just drafted actually is, or giving some general interesting information about the player and his talents.
  3. Analysis. If we see more trades this year, we'll tell you why. If the Bengals move out of day one altogether (that would make for a boring night, besides the talk about the trade), hopefully we can tell you why. I mean, we're a blog, so we're a little freer to tell you what we think may be going on in the Cincinnati war room. I hear Kirkendall is an expert at reading between the lines.

Enjoy the draft, folks. I'll be here all weekend, and I look forward to your company.