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2010 NFL Draft: "Bombshell Brewing" Regarding Sergio Kindle; Bengals Should Stay Away?

We posted out earlier this morning that the Bengals could be in a position to draft Sergio Kindle in the second round if Texas linebacker falls that far. However, apparently there's a good explaination why Kindle fell out of the first round. According to Boston Herald'd rap sheet (by way of PFT), Kindle has major medical issues that he's dealing with.

Allow me to point you to an article written by respected Longhorns beat reporter Chip Brown of the UT site. It reports on what he terms “a potential bombshell brewing” regarding the knee injury Kindle played with in 2009.

There are a handful of teams who have graded Kindle as a ’serious’ medical risk because of his knee, which one team said looks like it could require Kindle to have microfracture surgery,” Brown wrote in the article.


Microfracture is a surgery to create cartilage in the knee when it becomes a bone-on-bone situation,” he continued. “It’s a surgery athletes tend to have near the end of their careers. Not at the beginning. According to some teams, Kindle’s medical exams showed a series of trauma on the knee that could limit his career.”