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Open Thread: I think it's the 7th round... and beyond!

The draft is almost over. Myron Rolle is still on the board. He speaks very well. He's a good person. I hope he somehow falls to the Bengals, but that's probably a pretty big pipe dream. The Bengals have picked OL Otis Hudson in the fifth round, a kid that Paul Alexander seems pretty high on in terms of potential and athleticism. In round 6, the Bengals made their way back into fans' good graces, kind of, by drafting a high-talent possession receiver in Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas. Driscoe was projected as a 4-5th round pick.

The competition for what figures to be 5-6 wide receiver spots on the Bengals' roster this summer should be pretty fun to watch... oh and be sure to check out the Dezmon Briscoe videos.

@ctrent: YouTube Dezmon Briscoe and you'll see why the #Bengals took him in the 6th. Google him and you'll see why he was there.

Who will the Bengals go for in round 7? Who will be this year's Fanene or Ndukwe? Let's hope it's Myrone Rolle. Or maybe LeGarrette Blount or Tony Pike!