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CONFIRMED: Bengals Sign Long Snapper Mike Windt from the University of Cincinnati

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You think the NFL Draft is over? You think it's time to sit back and absorb all of the data that's pass through since Thursday. Well, I suppose you could. We have playoff hockey, playoff basketball and maybe dinner and a movie. But no, for some of us, it's not over.

That being said, the Bengals signed the first college free agent. As per Joey Reedy retweeting another, the Bengals signed Mike Windt of the Bearcats. Take note of one thing: This is unconfirmed. But we honestly feel that Reedy wouldn't retweet it if he didn't believe it to be valid, or at the very least, reliable.

As for Windt, he's mostly a long snapper who snapped for Kevin Huber and Jake Rogers for much of his career. From 2007-2008, Windt never had a misfired snapped. Windt played in the senior bowl snapping the football eight times for the North.

[CONFIRMED]: The Enquirer's Bill Koch, who covers the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, writes that Windt signed with the Bengals Saturday. For you Bearcat fans, "free safety Aaron Webster to the Texans and offensive tackle Jeff Linkenbach to the Colts" are the other signings.