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Bengals Banter: A Story On Otis Hudson; NFL Draft Grades Coming In

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Since a lot has been posted in recent days, let's briefly recap some of our posts.

Bengals have signed two undrafted free agents as of this posting: LS Mike Windt | RB Mikell Simpson and we expect more in the coming hours/days. We graded the team's draft through a series of notes on what we should expect at the respective positions that were drafted. Here's a quick and easy chart of the Bengals 2010 Draft Class.

Click on the jump for a collection of notes and links from around the web.

One of the team's lesser known draft picks perhaps has the greatest impact by the road he traveled. In an article reposted by PRWeb, offensive lineman Otis Hudson, battled through hell to give himself the opportunity he's given today.

Hudson grew up on the tough streets of Chicago's west side where he quickly realized his own athletic ability by protecting himself from gangs. In the 5th grade, he used his strength and speed to avoid a confrontation with 15 gang members who ambushed him while walking home after winning a big basketball game. "I was walking home with a giant gold trophy and all of a sudden 15 teenagers ganged up on me. The gangs were always trying to recruit me because of my size. I had to fight or run every day to protect myself," said Hudson.

Knowing the possible future that could be in store for him, Hudson initiated his own path that lead to reaching his dream playing in the NFL.

Realizing the importance of education for NCAA eligibility, and wanting to eliminate the stresses of almost daily gang violence, Hudson approached his parents about moving to the suburbs. "I asked my mom if there was any way we could move because I wanted a better education. She said yes and that she was going to look into their options," Hudson recalled. That summer, Hudson and his family moved from the streets of Chicago to the suburb of Barrington, where Hudson could be closer to the Leopardo family, who had become tremendous supporters of Hudson and his potential.

There's a lot of football stuff in between that you'll be interested in and everyone should take a quick read on the young man. Excellent find for the person that posted it in the comments.

The Ben Roethlisberger and Steelers Happy Fun Adventures blog with sidekick Leroy Browns (also known as ESPN's AFC North Blog), writes that Carlos Dunlap is an unreliable player.

ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha calls Carlos Dunlap one of the draft's best bargains.

There's just something about the Bengals and their attraction to troubled athletes. Dunlap could've been a first-round pick if his character wasn't such an issue at Florida (he was suspended for the SEC championship game after police arrested him for drunken driving prior to the contest). Now he'll get the chance to be a second-round steal if he can avoid those problems in the NFL. Sure, it could be a challenge for a player on a team that has had a recent history of locker-room headaches. But Dunlap's size (6-foot-6, 275) and athleticism made him worth the gamble.

All three of the Bengals Friday draft picks (Carlos Dunlap, Jordan Shipley, and Brandon Ghee) participated in a press conference in Cincinnati. Pretty run of the mill introductory stuff.

C Trent accurately calls the Bengals draft solid and unspectacular. We agree on this one.

Joe Reedy gives the Bengals a "B" for their draft picks.

Pete Prisco calls it a B+, writing that he really likes the "haul they had in this draft. Getting tight end Jermaine Gresham will really help the passing game. So will Shipley. The Bengals' drafting as of late has really paid off."

Holy Crap moment of the day goes to Peter King.

I think the old saw in Cincinnati -- Mike Brown will never take a tight end or safety in the first round -- was proven wrong last night, and rightfully so. When I watched 2008 tape of Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford last week, the athleticism and toughness of tight end Jermaine Gresham shone through. Good pick at 21.

Chick Ludwig calls the Bengals draft only average, grading it a C, mostly because the Bengals didn't address their need at safety. Then again, Lewis said there wasn't a need earlier on Saturday because they have those safeties in house. Who's right? The head coach, the media or fans? Of course it's the fans. Duh! Note: of all the analysis I've read following the draft, Ludwig's is rated the worst.

The Cleveland Browns drafted Robert Geathers' little brother, Clifton. Tony Grossi writes that Geathers will be "seen as a developmental prospect." Congratulations to the Geathers family! Condolences to Clifton.

With Dezmon Briscoe and Darrell Stuckey being drafted into the NFL in the same year, this will be the first time that two Kansas University wide receivers were drafted in the same year since 1981.

Speaking of Briscoe, the wide receiver is the seventh Jayhawk drafted by the Bengals since 1971 and the first since Anthony Collins in 2008. The others are "Rod Jones (1996), David Verser (1981), Kirby Criswell (1980), Tom Dinkel (1978), Steve Conley (1972) and Steve Lawson (1971)".

Mardy Gilyard talks about being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Of course he's excited. He's now in the NFL.