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Charting College Free Agent Signings for the Cincinnati Bengals

As of this posting the Bengals have signed/drafted 17 players this weekend. Let's summarize for you so you don't have to go through the pain of scrolling through the entire site (but you should, you know, scroll through the entire site and make me feel really good). Each name is linked to the report of their signing (if CFA) or the report of the draft selection.

The following is a running chart of the team's college free agent activity.

And just to keep things all organized and together, here's the chart of the team's drafted players this weekend.

1 1 21 Jermaine Gresham Tight End Oklahoma
2 2 54 Carlos Dunlap Defensive End Florida
3 3 84 Jordan Shipley Wide Receiver Texas
4 3 96 Brandon Ghee Cornerback Wake Forest
5 4 120 Geno Atkins Defensive Tackle Georgia
6 4 131 Roddrick Muckelroy Linebacker Texas
7 5 152 Otis Hudson Offensive Lineman Eastern Illinois
8 6 191 Dezmon Briscoe Wide Receiver Kansas
9 7 228 Reggie Stephens Offensive Lineman Iowa State

[UPDATE: Added signing of fullback Joe Tronzo]