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Cincinnati Bengals Reportedly Sign LSU Defensive End Rahim Alem

With Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins drafted over the weekend, it communicated two things. One, the team really, really, really wants to improve their pass rush. Two, the team might be hinting to a certain veteran that's only recorded 9.5 quarterback sacks through 42 games just isn't getting it done. Not that we're naming names.

And the Bengals aren't through adding to their roster to make the team's overall pass rush better.

According to Joe Reedy, the Bengals signed LSU defensive end Rahim Alem. After being named First-Team All-SEC in 2008, Alem turned in a disappointing senior season that many had hoped would see him flourish -- even projecting him as mid-round pick before last season started.

2006 2 1 1 0 0
2007 8 7 1 2 1
2008 29 15 14 8 0
2009 33 20 13 4 1

The following Scouts Inc report loves his motor, but he's not particularly athletic -- which is a bit contradictory towards the players they drafted and the philosophy that Marvin Lewis has wanted to achieve with players not named Andre Smith.