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Missed Real Football Talk With Cincy Jungle?

If you missed Craig's show Sunday evening, then we have to ask: What the hell were you doing that was so important that you missed Real Talk with Cincy Jungle? Anything short of making dinner for your lovely grandmother who still pinches your chubby cheeks well into your 30s is unacceptable.

With Josh Katzowitz, Mo Egger and Joe Reedy joining Craig, you just know at some point that Craig is going to lose control with three dynamic personalties. It was fun, informative and perhaps the best show he's had to date. I mean, when you're bringing up long snappers, you know it's good internet radio, right? Big thanks to Katz, Mo and Reedy for joining Craig.

Lucky for you, you can still listen any time you want. Down the right hand side you can listen to any of his shows. Or you can click on this nifty little thing here to listen.