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It's A Boy: Cincy Jungle Welcomes Someone to the Family

During our relentless draft coverage, ranging from the ridiculous amounts of visits and activity from the Bengals coaches -- all of those reports on the Bengals checking out quarterbacks turned out to be totally worth it, right? -- we've been in the middle of a search for writers. Fear not for those of you that applied, we're still looking to hire someone else. In the meantime, we did pick up a new blogger.

Meet Jason Garrison.

While at the University of Cincinnati working towards a major in Journalism, Jason hails from our good friends at Who Dey Fans. Already being more qualified than any of us, Jason will be joining us on Mondays and Tuesday to start throughout the evening reporting on any news that happens to our beloved Bengals.

Give a hearty welcome to Jason and make him feel right at home. Well, I mean, be nice to him.

For the rest of you that applied, let not your heart be troubled. We are still looking to fill one more position and we'll be in contact with that lucky winner this week.