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Jeremi Johnson Not Interested In Re-Joining The Bengals

Fui Vakapuna knows that Cupcakes end careers.

A position that the Bengals didn't draft over the weekend that we thought they'd address was fullback. Granted, the Bengals are likely viewing Fui Vakapuna as Jeremi Johnson's successor, but we weren't sure. Geoff Hobson on the mothership gave us some insight writing:

The fullback is Fui Vakapuna and while they’ve had interest in re-signing Jeremi Johnson, it doesn’t look to be mutual or they would have got it done before the draft.

We have to wonder why a deal wasn't done. A small curiosity, I admit. Is Johnson thinking that he'll get a gig at a place that has room for a fat fullback that has to put in 3-4 weeks worth of conditioning work while his teammates are already going through 11-on-11 practice? Or did Chip Morton's contract's stipulate that any work with Johnson during training camp requires a double-time bonuses? Not that we'd blame Chip.

Either way, it appears that the Bengals did have interest but Johnson did not. Perhaps Lewis' requirement of one Hostess Cupcake before bed was asking way too much. As of now, it looks like we're finally getting a look at Fui Vakapuna. All the while you sit idly dreaming on how the little beast Chris Pressley would have looked in a Bengals uniform.