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Bengals Banter: The Weekend That Was Great

At Cincy Jungle we had a heck of a weekend, bringing in record numbers, new readers and new members to our community. The discussions were a lot of fun and the debates were great. I want to thank all of the readers for checking us out and the community in general for waging great discussions. We wouldn't be doing this if not for all of you. So this one is on you. With that in mind, let's review the weekend that was.

Craig had a great Real Talk with Cincy Jungle show on Sunday with Mo Egger, Josh Katzowitz and Joe Reedy. Make sure you have a listen.

Also we added a new member to our writing team.

We started thinking where the Bengals could be when the team kicks off the 2010 regular season. Can Roddrick Muckelroy be a starter | What's our secondary going to look like | Offensive line shouldn't change much except for depth | Wide receiver position will go through some change | Examining how the draft changed Tight Ends and the Defensive Line.

Jeremi Johnson is reportedly not interested in re-joining the Cincinnati Bengals.

If you're looking for a chart with all of the team's recent draft and college free agent acquisitions, then you're in luck. We've been charting the whole weekend here.

Marvin Lewis made a strong statement that the Bengals "have to move ahead" in regards to Shayne Graham, who could be on the Baltimore Ravens radar.

We did a non-letter grade of the Bengals 2010 draft.