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Dayton Daily News Confirms: They Are An Epic Failure

I know what you're thinking. Why in the world would I read anything on the Dayton Daily News anymore regarding the Cincinnati Bengals? Call it habit. Plus I like reading Carlos Holmes' and although most of his assumptions regarding the Bengals draft didn't necessarily pan out, the guy knows more than enough to keep him on the reading list.

Aside from that, it's embarrassing. You're asking yourself, what's the point in having a Bengals section with staff writers? Actually, you might be asking yourself, why does that dope Josh Kirkendall keep reading the Dayton Daily News? Fair questions, in which I probably won't address. Earlier this month, John Nolan wrote:

Given the Cincinnati Bengals’ penchant for hiring players who have showed up on police blotters, maybe they should call Paul Brown Stadium the “House of Second Chances.” Only in a used-car lot are there more retreads

This was in response to Matt Jones signing and a report that was long dead regarding Pacman Jones working out with the team and his agent saying a month later that Cincinnati was still interested. In truth, the only interest that Jones' agent referred to was the team's invite to workout in Cincinnati. A week after that, the story was dead and all indications were that there was no further interest from the team.

Has the Bengals coverage at the Dayton Daily News improved? In a report that was feed through Fox Sports, staff writer Doug Harris writes, "I know we're building a Football team here and not selecting candidates for knighthood, but can a team constantly disregard the character element of a player's makeup and become a consistent winner?"

Harris' best example?

The Denver Broncos, to name just one team, think character is important enough that they've rid themselves of talented but childish stars while drafting the likes of Tim Tebow.

Did the Broncos get rid of Brandon Marshall while he was kicking footballs and causing team-wide distractions? No. Did the Broncos release Marshall after he was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend (at the time) in the mouth last year; something that got Marshall a one-game suspension by the NFL? No. According to SignOn San Diego, five different Broncos players have been arrested since 2008 ranging from cocaine and gun possession, disorderly conduct, harassment and domestic violence.

We're not slamming the Broncos here. At least that's not our intent. We're pointing out that character is only as important as the person that beholds it to a higher standard. The Cincinnati Bengals aren't exclusive in this made-for-TV discussion about character. In fact, if you go through every team in the NFL, you could come up with enough material to write a scathing self-righteous article while sitting on the throne, preaching to everyone else how to live their lives or how an NFL team should build their own team. You want to say that Tim Tebow joining a squad will absolve only the Broncos franchise of their sins, then fine.

I've always felt a little sorry for quarterback Carson Palmer, seemingly an all-around good guy who's been stuck in an operation where the inmates too often are running the asylum. Well, the Bengals just opened a new wing.

I know. I know. Apparently Carson Palmer is the only all-around good guy on this team. Not only would the team take offense to that -- a team full of all-around good guys -- but I'll guarantee it that Palmer will have as much a problem with that statement as anyone. What about all of the charity work that Pat Sims does? What about Chinedum Ndukwe, whose a pretty awesome character guy that does far more in the community than certain self-righteous writers. Roy Williams? Andrew Whitworth? Quan Cosby? Hell, what about Marvin Lewis' community fund? And we're missing so many other players.

This team is full of high character "all around good guys" and it's an epic failure by the Dayton Daily News or any of their staff writers to portray the Bengals in the same light that they've been in since 2006. Epic failure.