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Wilson: Safety C.C. Brown Has "Productive" Workout In Cincinnati

During Jason's first week on duty as our newest writer (aka noob!), he posted that the Bengals were hosting former Giants and Texans safety C.C. Brown. While Brown already came and went, Aaron Wilson writes that the safety and the Bengals remain very much in touch.

One source told Wilson that "C.C. Brown had a 'productive' workout with the Cincinnati Bengals this week." Through his first three seasons with the Texans, Brown recorded 75 total tackles or more according to where he's also recorded one or more forced fumbles in four out of his five NFL seasons.

As for Ken "don't call me Kevin again" Hamlin's workout, there's still no confirmed reports on how it went. If you read his tweets (forgetting a "w" would be disastrous) yesterday afternoon, you get the indication that it's probably not happening.