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Steelers Hall of Fame Center Temporarily Joins Bengals Coaching Staff

Here I am minding my own business, punishing some poor sap in Mafia Wars -- the latest addiction on Facebook -- when I read that a former Steelers Hall of Famer joined the Bengals during practice today. We're not talking about the random appearances of Bengals Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz. No. This Steelers Hall of Famer is hanging out with the coaches, teaching a few of the young pups a few things.

His name? Dermontti Dawson. His purpose? Interning as a coach that will be working with Paul Alexander and the offensive line.

He laughed when someone told him he never thought he would see Dawson in a Bengals’ cap.

“Any team I’m with, that’s who I’m with. It’s great,” said Dawson, who worked with Steelers last training camp….

Hobson writes that Dawson will be working with the offensive line this spring and through training camp. At first I thought to myself, now if we can only get Dick LeBeau back, we'd be set. Then I remember. We have Mike "The Punisher" Zimmer.