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2010 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft: The San Francisco 49ers Select...

The thirteenth pick in the inaugural edition of the Cincy Jungle Mock Draft is brought to us by member 80%OFTHETIMEIMRIGHTEVERYTIME, selecting for the San Francisco 49ers. His explanation for the pick is after the jump. Thank you for your participation 80%OFTHETIMEIMRIGHTEVERYTIME.

With the thirteenth pick in the 2010 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select...

Earl Thomas, S, Texas

The 49er's defense had a gaping hole at safety during the 2009 season. Many fans believe Mike Singletary's man crush on Taylor Mays is enough to count on him being their pick, but I disagree. Although Mays certainly would fit in San Francisco I think he might be better suited as a linebacker in the NFL. Earl Thomas represents the complete all-around package at safety and would add a vital piece to the 49er's defensive puzzle. Earl Thomas put together some great film in his two years at the University of Texas, unfortunately he had a mediocre bowl game.

According to


Height: 5-10
Weight: 197
School: Texas
Class: Sophomore

Earl Thomas only played two seasons at the University of Texas, but they were two terrific seasons. Thomas was a standout immediately during his red-shirt freshman year. Thomas originally came to Texas as a cornerback recruit out of high school. Thomas accounted for 134 tackles, 5 forced fumbles, and 10 interceptions in his two seasons at Texas. Thomas started all 27 games of his college career, and tied a Texas record this year with 8 interceptions. He was a consensus first-team All-America selection in 2009. As a safety prospect Thomas is the full package. He excels both in pass coverage and against the run. He's versatile enough to play any defensive back position.

Earl Thomas has a great blend of speed and athletic ability. He has decent size to play safety in the NFL, especially considering he's only 20 years old and likely still has to grow into his body. He's versatile enough to play either safety position or even cornerback. Thomas is a solid tackler who can diagnose the run quickly. He has a very aggressive style of play. Thomas excels in man coverage and has terrific ball skills. Thomas is also a play-maker with the ball in his hands, and always a threat to score.

Thomas will enter the NFL with less game experience than most highly drafted prospects. At times one of his strengths, his aggressiveness can come back to bite him. He will occasionally over-pursue and jump routes. Occasionally he will try to knock out the ball carrier and not wrap up. He will need to add some weight, and I would suspect some strength.

Earl Thomas won't have to wait long on draft day to hear his name. Right now his stock appears to safely be in the top 20, but not far from the top 10. After the combine Thomas could see his stock rise even higher. He should be one of those prospects who puts on a show at the combine. Chances are he will remain a safety, free or strong will depend on the need of the team who drafts him. There is however the chance a team will move him to cornerback to utilize his coverage skills. Wherever Thomas plays he should make his future team very happy.

Earl Thomas Highlights:

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