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Bengals Host University of Kentucky Linebackers Micah Johnson and Sam Maxwell In A Private Workout

Linebacker is a position that while not a desperate need, could use a bit of good forecasting and preparation work. With Dhani Jones entering the final year under contract, the Bengals will have to decide on whether to move Rey Maualuga over and then find a starting outside linebacker? This isn't a big deal this year, as we have our starters in Maualuga, Jones and Keith Rivers set. Our backup linebackers, Rashad Jeanty and Brandon Johnson, are quality and I want to see more and more of Abdul Hodge.

However, if you fast forward to next year, the Bengals could lose Brandon Johnson, who like Jones, will be a free agent next year. Technically, he's a free agent now, but was offered a tender by the Bengals which he hasn't signed yet.

Another thing with our linebackers is that if you're not starting, you're playing special teams. And with special teams, some people tend to misunderstand the importance. While linebacker isn't a desperate need, the team's hope to improve special teams is always on their minds and improving the back end of the team's linebacker roster is at discussion.

On Monday, the Bengals hosted University of Kentucky linebacker Micah Johnson in a private workout. Aaron Wilson writes:

Johnson is a two-time second-team All-Southeastern Conference selection linebacker, but injured his knee in the Music City Bowl.

He has been projected anywhere from the middle to later rounds by draft analysts.

Along with Johnson, the Bengals also invited UK linebacker Sam Maxwell, who would be a late pick up or an undrafted college free agent.