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Mike Zimmer wants to build the defense's depth with situational players

I know what you're thinking. The position that the Bengals will address in the first round of this year's NFL draft is a question that's lost on all of us. We could make points on several positions, including wide receiver, safety, tight end, defensive end, even linebacker or a cornerback. All of those are argument that can and -- at some point on this site -- have been made are convincing enough that could force you to briefly pause, thinking that the Bengals could go in that direction. As for the rest of the draft, many agree that positions that could be addressed will include a backup quarterback, safety, defensive lineman, tight end and maybe a wide receiver, fullback, a linebacker, among others.

But if you ask Mike Zimmer, who joined WBNS in Columbus, he'll point out that the Bengals defense is in good shape.

"The good thing is that we signed everybody back that we had last year. There is not one guy that we will lose off our defense so that makes me feel good. Now the question is, how can we improve our depth? How can we improve the pass rush a little more? We were solid for most of the year, but at the end of the year, we fell off a little bit."

If Zimmer has any influence during draft day -- and he does say that he as a little influence with Marvin Lewis -- then the Bengals would likely draft for situational defensive players.

"And I think we still need to find some more corners – a nickel back – all those areas that play into the situational part of the game. That’s always a key. When I worked for Parcells, he always talked about having pressure players and cover players. Those two positions are always really hard to find. We could use some more pass rushing from the inside of the line a little bit more so we could get some more push for the two ends."

No matter how you look at it, this year's draft is wide open.