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Report: Bengals to Host Morgan State Wide Receiver Edward Morton-Green

Wide receivers. There's so many possible scenarios that the Bengals could employ envisioning their wide receiver roster heading into the 2010 regular season. Will they be satisfied with the status quo, banking on dramatic improvements from the two receivers drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft? Will Andre Caldwell's offseason training regiment help him enough to combat periods of ineffectiveness that was highlighted with a severe drop in production? Is Quan Cosby going to be given a look to become a regular with the offense or will he stick with punt return duties? And will Jerome Simpson record his second reception in his NFL career this year?!

Or will the Bengals throw Sloppy Joes against the wall and decipher written fortunes seen in the meat that inches down the wall? We do project that the team would draft Dez Bryant if he's still there by the time the Bengals pick 21st. After that, if the Bengals draft any receivers, they'll likely be competing with guys like Caldwell, Simpson, Cosby and even Matt Jones to reset the team's depth chart.

And Morgan State's Edward Morton-Green could be one of those receivers. According to an unnamed leaged source, National Football Post's Joe Fortenbaugh writes that Morton-Green is scheduled to workout with the Bengals next week.

The 6’4”, 215-pounder ran a 4.47 40-yard-dash at his pro day on March 16. Morton-Green caught 24 passes for 324 yards and two touchdowns for the 6-5 Bears in 2009.

Might not seem like much. But Morton-Green sports that "big receiver" that Carson Palmer is known to covet.