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Bengals Banter: Thornton chimes in on Jason Shirley's injury

John Thornton writes that since Jason Shirley was injured in a non-football related activity, he "could be screwed." (hopefully Shirley doesn't have Google Reader). Thornton writes that if a player is injured during "games, practices, or team functions are usually covered medically." But an injury during a charity basketball game for example, the team is generally covered from paying that playing because they have the player sign a waiver, enabling them to pay that player far less than the salary that's expected to be earned.

Thornton speculates that Shirley may not get his full 2010 salary because of the non-football related nature of the injury. Take note that Thornton isn't saying that any of this is the case with Shirley; only relaying his his thoughts and experiences.

Former Bengals favorite and best friend of Chad Ochocinco, Eric Ghiaciuc has signed with the Cleveland Browns to backup Alex Mack. Think of it this way, from 2006 until 2008 when Ghiaciuc was the team's starting center, the Bengals never recorded a winning season. In fact, they progressively got worse. Alright, so I'm kind of jesting. What I really mean to say is that Kyle Cook is the unsung savior of the Cincinnati Bengals. Is that a little too dramatic?

The team experimented with putting linebackers in different positions -- Maualuga at middle?

Who Dey Fans loves the Bengals defense.

The Reds lost their second game of the season and are already two games behind first place after... two games. Slyde questions Dusty Baker's bullpen management.