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Kiper: NFL People Aren't Concerned With Dez Bryant Character Issues

The idea that the Bengals could actually be in a position to draft Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, was always a nice thought. We watched in fascination as issues of "character" drove speculation that teams were increasingly disinterested in the receiver. Yes, we thought to ourselves. But as typical March and early April slugs forward, we know that much of what we hear isn't so much misinformation, as it is the tempermental mood of professionals that judge the talent.

In other words, it goes from being an awesome college player, which invokes the promotion of the greatest receiver in the draft this year, to not having expected measurables. If you forget your cleats, then that's comparable to shooting yourself in the leg at night clubs. All the while being projected as the best wide receiver in the draft, with the variable of "character" always a significant factor. That is if you're not totally overblowing what could be perceived as character.

The reality that Bryant dropping 21st is limited. We admit that. Sure, we'll play around with the thinking that Bryant could fall. But when it comes down to it, when the clock ticks and the teams are pressed to make a selection, someone will draft Bryant. The Dolphins? The Broncos? Pehraps the Cowboys trade up past the Bengals.

What's starting to be acknowledged is that those in the NFL are starting to agree that Bryant's character issues are being overblown. No, for real. People are starting to believe that. The Sun Sentinals' Omar Kelly tweets:

Kiper said people he's talked to in the NFL aren't too concerned about Dez Bryant's background, and predicts he won't slide past Phins at 12

Well, damn.