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JaMarcus Russell to Cincinnati?

Sucking makes me a sad panda. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Sucking makes me a sad panda. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

OCNN (Ochocinco News Network) broke what could be the biggest news of the Bengals off season today via twitter.

Jamarcus Russel, you on twitter, if not its cool ill see you in #minicamp , ooopsss, did I just leak that info #ocnn

That's right. Chad is saying that Russell, who was released recently from the Raiders, is going to be Carson Palmer's backup this season. 

This story isn't just based off the ramblings of an eccentric wide receiver/dancer/news anchor. It actually has some legs.

According to, NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported that the Bengals have been in contact with the only quarterback who makes Ryan Leaf feel better about himself according to league sorces.

Mike Florio of wrote of the possibility of Russell making his way to Cincinnati:

In response, ESPN's Adam Schefter claims that the Bengals and others have called Russell, but that "there are no plans for him to be at any minicamps now."

If the Bengals sign Russell, it fits with their M.O. of finding bargains.  Though the Bengals have a franchise quarterback in Carson Palmer, some think that an elbow injury that plagued him in 2008 was still bothering him in 2009.

Florio does pose an interesting question. Would the Bengals motivation for talking to the former first round pick and currently jobless (847 pound) quarterback be Palmer's elbow? It sidelined Palmer for all but four games in 2008 and he didn't have it surgically repaired. Even though Palmer, and everybody else who has ever looked at his elbow, say it's all better, the rumors of bringing a former first round pick to back up Palmer could say otherwise to some people.

The current quarterbacks on the roster other than Palmer are J.T. O'Sullivan and Carson's younger brother Jordan Palmer. Needless to say, it's going to be an interesting couple days.