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Matt Jones Says Good Bye To Leon Hall

Reports are surfacing that the second-to-latest reclamation project, wide receiver Matt Jones, reportedly made noise during Tuesday's practice. Well, it's not that big of a deal, considering that Geoff Hobson's latest report on Jones was found on his blog and not as a feature posting.

The early surprise is looking to be wide receiver Matt Jones, the Jaguars’ former No. 1 pick. He sped past a heck of a cornerback in Leon Hall twice, once for a catch. Carson Palmer said it Monday, “He’s always a mismatch” because of his height and speed, and another offensive player said, “Matt Jones is a beast.”

Whether or not Jones makes the roster is still, in my opinion, up in the air. But if he is to make the roster, beating Leon Hall during practice is definitely a good start. One person that this doesn't bode well for is former second-round pick Jerome Simpson who, by all reports, just hasn't grasped the playbook. Hobson wrote in the same entry that:

The much-maligned Jerome Simpson had a very nice day. The third-year wide receiver also caught a long ball, leaping between two defenders to pull it in. He looked quick, spry and sure-handed but the challenge for him is to keep that consistency every time out

The team's wide receiver position battles will be something to watch this year. Once you get past the team's starters in Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Bryant, nine players will be battling for four roster spots. And yes, I know that guys like Andre Caldwell and Jordan Shipley are likely to make the squad as well, but what role they'll have is anyone's guess. It's May. Remember. It's May. I wish it was September. But it's not. It's May.