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Just Say No To JaMarcus Russell: Bengals Have No Room For Developing Quarterback

Putting aside the fact that no one believed that the Bengals could seriously look at a quarterback that wouldn't improve the team's roster, the Bengals curiosity with JaMarcus Russell started and ended with an inquiry soon after (arguably) the league's biggest draft bust of all time was released from the Oakland Raiders. We put to rest the rumor earlier in the week, based on a report by Geoff Hobson.

Will it not just die?

Hobson reiterated the Bengals stance on Friday saying:

There don’t appear to be any plans at the moment to look at the free-agent quarterback. One fear appears to be that he’s seen as a developmental guy and that the Bengals don’t have room for a project. Russell coming to Cincinnati is being described more and more as a “longshot.”

Some media reports, applying the logic that they're the Bengals and anyone can be signed (which, in reality, has been true), are finally acknowledging this little fact that Hobson and Joe Reedy have pointed out all week: It's so not going to happen.