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Keith Rivers Has a New Training Regimen

Chad Ochocinco isn't the only Bengals player with a unique off season workout routine. Keith Rivers recently teamed up with some mixed martial arts fighters to learn how how hurting people in a ring can transfer into hurting people on the field.

Steve Cofield of Yahoo Sports wrote that Rivers can transfer some MMA techniques to the football field.

This just in, Julius Peppers is consulting with Chris Mortensen on how to up his sack total. Ridiculous, right? And yet Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer, along with MMA legend Randy Couture, is building a training empire as they work with NFL stars by implenting fighting techniques. In the video, Glazer is featured with Cincinnati Bengals outside linebacker Keith Rivers as they work on strengthening his core by working double-leg takedown techniques. And they concentrate on ways, just like in wrestling, to shed an opponent's hands from your body.

The video of the workout is pretty intense..... and sexy. No, I don't think Keith Rivers is sexy. I think the girls from the octagon are, and there's plenty of them in the video (just another reason to watch it).

I'll look forward to seeing Rivers tackle stupid Hines Ward and then quickly put him in an arm bar hold. The NFL has no tap out rules so maybe Rivers can give Sweed some company on the sidelines after he karate chops the entire Steelers offense.