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Bengals Banter: Peter King Explains Bengals Pointless Ranking of Crazy Talk

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Several were upset that Sports Illustrated's Peter King ranked the Cincinnati Bengals 23rd in his offseason Power Rankings. Not to mention the reaction from the readers on this site, several Bengals blogs and local media took exception. Paul Daugherty, doing his best to be diplomatic with King, says that King "hates the men" and that "he probably doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about them, one way or the other". Translated: King is far more interested in talking about the Patriots. Even Geoff Hobson finds King's Power Rankings a head scratcher, at best.

King did explain his ranking a bit on Tuesday:

As I said, I'm worried about Carson Palmer. He looked like a shell of himself late last year -- in fact, he struck me the wrong way for much of the season after his five-touchdown shredding of the Bears. Cincinnati averaged 6.3 wins a year for the three years before last season. After watching how shaky they were in the playoff debacle against the Jets, I'm not convinced they've permanently turned the corner.

Peter, we actually have a pretty damn good defense. You know, defense. The people that don't play offense.

+ So one of my favorite women in the world texts me last night to make sure I vote for Chad in Dancing with the Stars. It was the first time I voted. I have yet to watch the show, but I did my part to make sure he wins.

+ Chad Ochocinco wished Chris Henry a happy birthday on Dancing with the Stars Monday Night.

+ Chinedum Ndukwe will host a wellness camp for kids this weekend.

+ Poor Mardy Gilyard, robbed at gun point Monday night.

+ I know some of you don't care about the Reds. But I do. I love the Reds and I love the sports in this city. And with the Reds winning eight of the last nine, which includes a captain's seat at the first-place dinner table, we're going to bring them up from time to time. Johnny Cueto (seven innings, seven strikeouts, one earned run) and Jonny Gomes (three-run home run in the seventh) gave the Reds a 6-3 win over the Milwaukee Brewers Monday Night.

+ Daunte Culpepper is heading to the UFL, signing with the Sacramento Mountain Lions.