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Bengals Banter: It's My Fault That Chad Ochocinco Was Voted Off

If you can't get on board with what the Reds are doing right now, then I feel for you. Some of you are not Reds fans and I'd suspect that more aren't baseball fans. Some people hate it. That's their prerogative. But I like baseball. I like hockey and I can withstand basketball in small chunks. I love the Bengals. I love the Reds. And while the Reds are winning, I'm going to encourage you to enjoy them while they're playing great baseball.

And yesterday was no different. Scoring four runs in the final two innings, including three runs in the ninth that was capped by a game-winning Joey Votto single, the Reds increased their winning streak to four games, are seven games over .500 (for the first time since July, 2006) and still sit on the throne of the National League Central. Of course, this could all end in disaster, or this could be a preview of even better things to come. Either way, I have my drink in my right hand and my cigar in my left, enjoying it now.

+ The Reds aren't the only team enjoy successes in May. The Cincinnati Cyclones are playing in the Kelly Cup Finals and kicked off the series by taking a two-game lead before losing 4-3 in double overtime to the Idaho Steelheads Tuesday night.

+ Here's how it went down. I received a text around 8pm on Monday Night that I can (and should) vote for Chad Ochocinco in Dancing with the Stars. So I voted five times; the online limit. It was the first time I voted. On Tuesday night, around 9pm, Chad Ochocinco was voted off and now he's done. My bad, Chad. My bad.

+ Geoff Hobson examines the team's linebackers.

+ While pointing out the obvious that the Bengals are continuously disrespected, Dave offers up a good suggestion. "Not getting any respect seemed to serve the Bengals pretty well in 2009. Why change a winning formula?"

+ Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez botched the baseball and "lightly jogged after it, allowing two runs to score." He was subsequently pulled. So how does Ramirez react? By ripping into his manager for not playing in the major leagues. If there's a way to quickly make you an enemy in the eyes of the fans, it's by being a dick on play that you screwed up.