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Lewis Admits That Team Has Returned Calls To Pacman Jones' Agent

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Let's get this out of the way with.

During a recent radio interview, defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones said that the Bengals are one of four teams that's still talking too.

“I ain’t been doing nothing man. Working out hard. Being a good dad. For the most part, working out. Trying to stay in tip-top shape. Trying to get a job. I’m talking to a couple teams – the Lions, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Jacksonville. No one has really made a major move yet. I’m just doing may part to stay in shape waiting for a shot… I feel like I’m pretty much back at my peak.”

On Sunday, Lewis confirmed Jones statement and admits that the team has returned Jones' agents calls:

"Adam's agent can't help but speak with him since he calls quite a bit," Lewis said. "That would be a true statement that Adam made. I have not spoke with Adam but his agent does call and we have returned the call. We'll see what happens. If somebody we feel can help us then we'll continue to look."

However, Joe Reedy points out that the returned calls are "the extent of it" and from all appearances, it seems that the returned calls are merely a courtesy call. At the very worst, the Bengals could be keeping the lines open in case of a serious injury or general depth if problems arise later.