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Bengals Still Interested In Bringing Jeremi Johnson Back

Last month, we wrote that former Cincinnati Bengals fullback Jeremi Johnson wasn't interested in re-signing with the Cincinnati Bengals.

The fullback is Fui Vakapuna and while they’ve had interest in re-signing Jeremi Johnson, it doesn’t look to be mutual or they would have got it done before the draft.

With that, the Bengals would be left with two fullbacks that have yet to take a regular season snap. So there's general, and understandable concern, handing the job to the winner of two inexperienced guys during training camp. Will the Bengals go after a veteran fullback to add to the competition this summer? Or will they finally throw caution to the wind and simply let Fui Vakapuna compete against Joe Tronzo? Doubtful.

They still have their eye on one unrestricted free agent. According to Geoff Hobson's latest, the Bengals "haven't given up on the idea of bringing back Jeremi Johnson. Indications are they are still talking about it."