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Bengals to Offer Family Zone Tickets

A lot of people are hesitant to take their kids to NFL games due to the possible rowdy nature of the crowd; many of whom start drinking only hours after putting to rest their Saturday night. Yes, I'm talking to about 90% of the Cincy Jungle readers. Now granted, a lot of fan behavior tends to get blown out of proportion and the Jerk Line really put the bad people (aka Steelers fans at Bengals games) in their place. Am I right?

However, there's always bad apples and many people would rather not take their kids to a game simply to avoid the possibility of rowdy behavior. And that's a damn shame.

According to Ken Paxson of the Dayton Daily News (I know, I know) the Bengals will be offering the "Bengals Family Zone", which will "encourage a family and kid-friendly environment by prohibiting alcohol and inappropriate behavior, according to a press release from the team." The seats are in section 347, rows 13 and above.

Now that's something we can get on board with. Next step. Providing better seating.