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Bengals Banter: Odom Tweets He'll Return to Practice Thursday

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+ People are starting to be concerned that Chad's head might not be into football now with the variety of shows he's on. Dancing with the Stars, VH1 dating show. I'm not even close to being concerned. When it's July and he's a guest star on Dog the Bounty Hunter, then yea. Now? Nah.

+ Marc Hardin asks if the Bengals are too young to win right now.

+ As per his tweet, Antwan Odom will return to practice today after suffering a season-ending injury against the Texans last year.

+ If the Bengals are willing to let Johnathan Joseph leave Cincinnati based on the expectations of a big-contract, the team might see the 2011 draft class as being deep enough in the secondary to eventually replace Joseph.

+ Clark Judge argues that if you're going to change overtime rules in playoff games, then it should be applied to the regular season also.

+ While I think the point is worthy of an ethics in sports debate, I'm not sure that the Hall of Fame should judge something like character because of the subjectivity it would present. Everyone's definition of character is different.

+ Pat Kirwin doesn't buy into the logic that pass rushers make that much of an improvement during their sophomore year.'s not that easy to improve from being a non-productive rookie to a major second-year contributor. It doesn't matter how much money a young guy has been paid or, in some cases, how badly a guy wants to improve. I caution fans not to raise the bar too high for every second-year player hoping for a breakthough season

+ The Reds have won 20 of their last 29 games since April 25 after beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 last night.

+ Stan Van Gundy just doesn't care what Michael Wilbon thinks.

+ For the rest of your Thursday: Worst run-from-cop effort... ever.