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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day that we honor those that have fallen, fighting for us, giving the ultimate sacrifice so chumps like us can cheer on the Cincinnati Bengals, have peaceful nights resting with our families in the world's greatest country. We have family who have fought in previous wars. And maybe some of us (myself included) have friends and family who are fighting today; all of whom have lost their own friends. Today we celebrate those that have fallen. Today we celebrate Memorial Day. Here are some facts.

  • Originally called Decoration Day, honoring those that had fallen during the American Civil War.
  • After World War I, veterans wanted their own Armistice Day, which would become Veterans Day. Later, Decoration Day would become Memorial Day and everyone who died during American wars were honored. Veterans Day was moved back to November in 1978.
  • The term Memorial Day was first used in 1882 becoming more common after World War II
  • Memorial Day became the official name in 1967 by Federal law.
  • The date was moved to the final Monday in May in 1971 after being celebrated on May 30. Memorial Day became an official holiday then.
  • Twenty five towns and cities are associated with the creation of Memorial Day. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo, New York the official birthplace of Memorial Day.
  • Traditions: National moment of remembrance takes places at 3 P.M. local time. Fly the American flag at half-staff from dawn until noon.