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Bengals Banter: Will the Bengals Struggle To Sellout In 2010?

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+ ONE OF OUR SEASON LONG STORYLINES last year was Cincinnati's inability to sellout games without the daily updates of how many tickets were being sold. Like other NFL teams, many of whom are in city's that were struggling economically, the Bengals struggled to sellout their home opener against the Denver Broncos. In truth, it made sense. Cincinnati had just come off a 4-11-1 season which acted as a sort of betrayal to the Cincinnati fans who had hoped that four-win seasons were long behind us. Eventually, the Bengals sold out the game, thanks to the help with local companies and suffered one of the more depressing losses in recent non-playoff memory. Throughout the season, Cincinnati would be granted several ticket extensions with fans, players and local companies coming through in the final hour.

The question is: Will Cincinnati go through the same this year? Consider that Cincinnati is coming off a playoff appearance, has returned their roster while bringing in more players to improve various positions. Rookies from last year will (hopefully) improve this year and rookies this year will hopefully improve the team's overall depth chart.

If you didn't attend any games in 2009 because of 2008's performance, will you attend this year?

+ SIGNING DRAFT PICKS. In case you're wondering, the Bengals signed their first draft pick after the 2009 NFL draft when agreeing to a four-year deal with Bengals cornerback Morgan Trent. The date: June 16, 2009. Cincinnati isn't expected to have any problems this year getting their draft picks into training camp on time, simply because it's far more unlikely for players to hold out when they were drafted 21st overall as compared to last year's sixth overall pick.

+ Over the weekend we heard that Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was detained at the Canadian border by immigration officials in a case of mistaken identity. Canadians thought Jones was Cincinnati's own Adam Jones. Because of his questionable background, and Canada's increased screening of people coming into the country, the Canadians wanted to further question Jones, believing they had Cincinnati's Jones.

Canada: America's awesome neighbor since 1867.

+ Bengals defensive end/outside linebacker Michael Johnson could play outside linebacker on first and second down, while going back to his more natural position, defensive end, on third downs.

+ With Johnson and Rashad Jeanty playing SAM (depending on how well Johnson plays) it could give the team an excuse to move Rey Maualuga to middle linebacker.

+ Rashad Jeanty is with the team during OTAs as Bengals linebackers coach Jeff Fitzgerald's assistant, mostly working with Johnson.

+ Chick Ludwig likes himself some Chinedum Ndukwe.