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Reedy: Pacman Working Out In Cincinnati Today (Tuesday)

So this is ridiculous. And it seems like a possibility.

Pacman Jones. Please go away. I beg. I plead to the football gods to answer me on this one prayer. No, they didn't listen to me when the Bengals were the Bungals in the early 90s through the early part of the 21st century. On this one, please, answer me. Just let me know you exist.

According to Joe Reedy, Adam "Pacman" Jones is working out for the Cincinnati Bengals Tuesday (that's today if you're reading this on Tuesday).

Will he help? Who the hell knows. When was the last time he played in a regular season game? Either way, I don't normally beg the mythical football gods for an answered prayer. This one, I beg. I plead. I whisper, "for the mighty Bengals to acquire thee Pacman Jones would bring about a plague that will haunt them for a bunch of fortnights and such."