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Bengals Sign Former Miami University Punter Jake Richardson

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According to Joe Reedy the Bengals signed former Miami University punter Jake Richardson on Tuesday.

He had 219 career punts at Miami, and his average of 42.8 yards is tops in Redhawks history. He was also second in the nation in net yards in 2008, trailing UC and current Bengals punter Kevin Huber.

The signing of Richardson means that there is competition of some sort for every position on the roster. There currently are 84 players on the roster with 75 signed.

No, this isn't any reflection on Kevin Huber -- last year's fifth round pick. And no, it's not likely that the Bengals are looking to replace Huber. However, if Huber does have an injury, it bodes well for the team to know a punter or two that they could immediately sign. And maybe a little competition will help improve Huber.

Compared to the league, Huber's 36.3 net punting average ranked 11th in the league. Net punting average reflects special teams as a whole because it factors in the opposition's return yards as well. Huber's pedestrian 43.2 punting average (not factoring return yards), ranked 21st in the NFL last season (four yards more than Kyle Larson's final season in 2008).