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Pacman Update: Bengals Make Offer to Pacman Jones

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According to Geoff Hobson:

An NFL source said Tuesday that cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones is mulling an offer from the Bengals and has gone home to New Orleans to discuss it with his family. The source also said that he liked his visit and the coaches well enough that indications are he'll return to Cincinnati later in the week to ink the deal.

Jason La Canfora, a writer for, wrote that the Bengals signing of Adam "Pacman" Jones is "imminent".

The Bengals and Jones' representative, Ray Savage, had several conversations during the cornerback's visit with the team Tuesday, a league source said, and have the nucleus of a multiyear deal in place.

The sides expect to put the contract to paper this week, and Jones is set to join the team's offseason program Monday. Savage wouldn't comment on the status of talks with the Bengals, but he did confirm that he was in negotiations with the team.

According to La Canfora, Jones had a very productive workout in Cincinnati today compared to his poor workout in February.

According to a poll, 914 people voted that they do not want the Bengals to sign Jones but a close (or at least closer than I thought) 702 people do want him on the team.

I'm not going to say what I think about it (if you could hear how violently I'm punching the keys, you'd figure it out) but can 914 people be wrong? Then again, 702 is an awfully high number to be wrong too.

Being subjective when writing something like this is tough and since I'm about to break my fingers on my keyboard I'm going to have to stop before I have to go to a hospital or buy a new computer.