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Mike Zimmer on Adam "Pacman" Jones: "I’m not going to let this kid screw up our chemistry."

It's a matter of time, writes most sources. Adam "Pacman" Jones is likely signing with the Cincinnati Bengals, which got me thinking. Do I need to write Adam "Pacman" Jones every time? Can I just say Pacman? Mind you, it took me a year after Chad Johnson changed his name to Ochocinco before I started writing the name. I hate marketing through the change of one's name. But if I say Adam Jones, it doesn't necessarily have that same impact of the player we're getting when I say, "Pacman". It's a minor thing, I know. When the balance is upset and there's no order, I lose my mind.

Speaking of ______ Jones, Mike Zimmer weighed in on the possible signing by reinforcing a point that most of us kind of knew already, though didn't express much during yesterday's insane realization that the team might sign the guy that's perceived as the Mecca of character issues. And if Zimmer doesn't calm your fears, nothing will.

He’s not coming in to start, Zimmer told Jones. He has to play with more discipline than he has shown in his career. He won’t put up with anything that hurts the chemistry of a defense that has grown so far so fast.

“He looked me in the eye and shook my hand,” Zimmer says, and in his world of a man’s word, that means a lot.

Zimmer has spent a lot of time talking to one of Jones’ patrons, former cornerback Deion Sanders. The two remain close after Zimmer coached Sanders in Dallas. Zimmer has liked what he has heard. Sanders has told him, “He’ll play for you.”

Sanders, it can be assumed, has told Jones what to expect.

“If we sign him,” Zimmer said, “I’ll be on him at all times.”

Here's the best part about what Zimmer said.

“We’ve got a bunch of strong character guys on defense,” Zimmer said. “I’m not going to let this kid screw up our chemistry."

Trust in Zim. That should never be challenged.