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Bengals Banter: Because We Didn't Have One In The Morning Edition

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CNati's Scott Priestle writes that Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins are going to be used primarily as pass rushers -- and they're totally cool with that.

Chick Ludwig calls it a desperate measure to win the Super Bowl before their window closes. I see the point and have nothing against it. But I'm not really sure that Pacman is that piece and therefore don't agree that this is the reason for the signing. On the other hand, I do suggest that if Pacman is as talented as he was while playing with the Tennessee Titans, then yes, he will improve the defense.

While Who Dey Fans scratches their collective heads, their point of view is similar to ours. If Pacman ultimately helps us win football games, we're on board.

You can give the Bengals crap for going after players like Pacman or Matt Jones all you want. But at least they're not on the cover of Sports Illustrated for their off the field conduct. That cake is awarded to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

National Football Post's Matt Bowen reflects on the implications of signing Pacman (note: we're actually talking football here... hip hip...)

...when you look at the cornerback position in Cincy, there isn’t a role that Jones can just slide into. The starting corners for the Bengals, Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph, might be the most underrated combo in the entire league. Two corners who can play man technique and two corners who can get their hands on the football in Mike Zimmer’s defensive scheme in Cincinnati. Hall and Joseph finished the ’09 season with six interceptions apiece.

Add in Brandon Ghee, the corner from Wake Forest that the Bengals drafted this year in the third round, and it will be tough for Jones to see the field.

Jack Bechta takes an interesting look at the social media in the NFL:

All of my rookie clients who just returned from their first minicamp were briefed on what they should and shouldn’t say to the media. One team even told its players that they should “think twice” before tweeting or talking about their experiences in minicamp.

Doesn't that remind you of last season's Hard Knocks episode when Marvin Lewis said the same thing to last year's rookie class?