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La Canfora: Bengals and Adam Jones Negotiating A Multi-Year Deal

The question of whether or not to sign Adam Jones wasn't just conjectured, it was, at one point, a certainty. And it still appears to be so certain that both player and team are just putting together the finishing touches on the contract. So when it was reported that Jones would go home to discuss it with family, the same question popped in my head as I'm sure yours. Why would Jones need to discuss anything? Being out of football last year, he should be thrilled that anyone would be interested enough.

Jason briefly pointed this out last night that I wanted to point out today. See, it's one thing to sign Jones to a minimal contract for a veteran. A few hundred thousand in singles is good change and it's an opportunity for a comeback.

No. Apparently it's more than just that.

According to, the Bengals and Jones are negotiating a multi-year deal.

Jones' representative, Ray Savage, had several conversations with the Bengals during the cornerback's visit, the source said, and the sides have the nucleus of a multiyear deal in place.

Whether or not said multi-year deal is worth much isn't known. If this is a two-year deal for several million in singles then it's still a manageable cut if he elects to take on Darth Zimmer. For one, there's no salary cap implications because there's no salary cap. Two, it doesn't hurt the team's fundamental plan at long-term success. Still, it does make you pause slightly more than before when you thought this was a one-and-done deal to bolster the team's depth.

Don't you love all of these Adam Jones posts? And if you ask who Adam Jones is, then you'll get a gold star.