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Bengals Banter: Sleep, Exhaustion, Godsmack and a Review of the Latest Signings

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Have you ever been sick one day, laying in bed, almost angry that you're sick and you can't do simple things that you had scheduled to accomplish for that day? I'm not talking about cleaning up, or gardening, or watching "my shows". I'm a guy after all. I do manly stuff. No. I'm talking about simple things, like drinking a glass of water, eating a burrito or even just laying still and not feeling the pulsating pounding of another nasty headache. The best hope you have is to fall asleep, hoping you can sleep through the illness.

Then once you sleep through the sickness, you feel refreshed. You wake up around 10 at night, eat a pizza and do some jumping jacks because you can. Even though it's two in the morning, you're fine because you figure you had a good sleep through the afternoon and evening and you really don't need much sleep now. So you work on other things when you realize it's three in the morning and you decide to hit the sack (that's bed for some of you juveniles). Wake up three hours later and you're exhausted, wishing that you could go back to sleep, if not feeling far more exhausted than when you went to bed during your short illness.

And that's the lesson today. Never, ever, do jumping jacks after eating a pizza.

+ Enjoying the new Godsmack album and it's pretty good. However, the one thing about Godsmack is that if you've heard them once, you've heard them before. No real growth in their style. But if you like their style, you'll like The Oracle.

+ Even though Adam Jones has agreed to terms with the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, a contract is still unsigned. Jones is expected to sign his deal before next week's Organized Team Activities. Jones' deal is a two-year incentive laden deal.

+ The Bengals also have another defensive back in safety Gibril Wilson in the fold. His deal is reportedly for one year.

+ The Enquirer's Chick Ludwig writes that the Bengals plan is to win now. That's apparently the only reason that the team would sign Adam Jones and Gibril Wilson.