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Poll of the Day: Are Questions Being Asked Prospects Fair or Over-the-Line?

I get these heads up on stories from emailers a lot. One of these stories relates to Geno Atkins responding to a question that the most unusual question asked was whether he was gay or not. This of course, grows its own legs, like one commenting that it was the Bengals asking the question.

Outsports surmises that this questions was probably just a one-time thing and not standard procedure for the NFL, but the fact that the Bengals even thought to ask is indicative of how difficult for the NFL to accept non-straight players.

For one, it's known that Atkins wasn't even interviewed by the Bengals based on his reaction of getting drafted by the team in the first place. For two, homosexuality is difficult to be accepting in all professional sports. It's why it's a typically muted and avoided issue. You can be appalled or ask a billion different reasons why, it just is.

Awareness of these type of questions being asked surfaced when the legendary Jeff Ireland asked the legendary Dez Bryant that one legendary question.

My only question for Atkins is: Would saying that the over/under for quarterback sacks for the rookie defensive tackle at five be fair?

Today's poll. Are questions that potential employers ask young NFL prospects fair or over-the-line?