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Bengals Banter: Ranking the Bengals Running Back Unit as Fifth Best

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+ We wrote a week ago that Antwan Odom was returning to practice, thanks to Odom's tweet on the matter, after tearing his right Achilles against the Houston Texans.

+ Chad Ochocinco's newest reality show, "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch" started taping this weekend and is set to premiere in less than two weeks.

+ Jason Cole ranks the Cincinnati Bengals running back unit as the fifth best in the NFL.

5. Cincinnati Bengals: Cedric Benson(notes) was one of the uplifting stories of the NFL last season as he went through a renaissance after three dismal years in Chicago. Benson not only performed on the field, but he kept himself out of the news off it. Here’s to that trend continuing. He suffered a hip injury that helped lessen his production in the second half of the season, but the Bengals appear to have a promising backup in Bernard Scott(notes). Scott is extremely explosive for a 220-pounder. Now, if one of them had receiving skills, this would be more interesting.

+ Peter King (writer) disputes Tedy Bruschi (football player) on what football players like and what exactly would improve the the quality of Super Bowls.

+ Matt Bowen breaks down the Cover One defense, and how to beat man-pressure.

+ After a weekend in which the Reds scored 27 runs on Friday and Saturday, Cincinnati was shutout on Sunday and lost by eight runs on Monday.

+ Meet Lauren Rosenberg. Laura needed to get somewhere. She did what we all do when going somewhere that we've never been. Directions on Google Maps. According to the directions, she decided to use Deer Valley Drive (aka, Utah State Route 224). Problem is, she was hit by a car. The culprit? Google Maps.

...the directions did not tell her that there were no sidewalks along Deer Valley Drive, which, Rosenberg alleges, led to her being struck by traffic.

Remember the old days when avoiding traffic? Instead of using Google Maps, we used to use our eyes. It was always a good way to, you know, avoid cars.