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Bantering Sports: Game Four of the NBA Playoffs; Another Comeback Reds Win

While I was watching Game Four of the NBA Playoffs, I kept noticing something. I haven't watched much basketball in the past few years, if at all. In truth, I've probably watched the same amount of basketball games as I have Bengals games in the past ten years, mostly only during the playoffs. But it stood out pretty badly last night. While the Boston Celtics went on a run, becoming emotionally irritating, I sent a text to my old best friend -- the Lakers fan I was telling you about the other day. I wrote, "Boston is a bunch of showboats." To which only the Laker fan would respond, "I really hate them right now. Remind me never to step foot in Boston." Already putting a moratorium on Cleveland and Pittsburgh, he's running out of cities he'll be able to visit.

But it was true. After making a shot, Kevin Garnett does some walking motion down the court, reaches the other end, puts a knee down and starts banging on the floor with his fist. Sure, he's emotionally charged and that's just the way he's been. But that wasn't it. Every time Boston made a nice play, they showboated. Ranging from Big Baby Davis drooling down the court for five minutes during a timeout to the curse filled rant by Rasheed Wallace that forced the network to mute out the broadcast for at least five seconds. Too bad those on the stands couldn't bleep him out.

But hey, if sports is anything, it's emotional. And being emotional tends to give you an advantage over the team that's, well, less than emotional. In the end, Boston beat the Lakers by seven points. In the end, that's all that matters.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL MOVES CONTINUE. Colorado left the Big-12 for the Pac-10 and Nebraska is reportedly going to announce that they are joining the Big Ten on Friday. As for the rest, who knows. Some have speculated and even reported that all of the Texas schools, along with Oklahoma are a package deal for the Pac-10. Some have speculated that the package deal is only the Texas schools. On the other hand, KCTV5 in Kansas City reports that Texas and Texas A&M have petitioned to join the Big Ten while Oklahoma is looking to move to the SEC.

KCTV5's sources said that Texas and Texas A&M do not have to include Texas Tech or Baylor in their plans. Sources told KCTV5 that there have already been discussions about the two schools entering the Big Ten and that the agreement could be made as soon as Thursday.

Oklahoma is currently working on petitioning to enter the SEC, but must find another university to enter the league with them, sources said.

I've always been in favor of the super conference idea. Furthermore, with the Big Ten and Pac-10 expanding, it will open spots from other conferences for them to expand, allowing more schools to join BCS conferences, giving them a shot towards the National Championship.

THE REDS DID IT AGAIN. I hate 12:35 start times with the Reds. I'm always at work and I have to monitor the game through MLB's Gameday, which honestly isn't bad software. But I always miss what happens. For example, I missed that when the Reds were losing 6-4, they scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth thanks to a Brandon Phillips triple that drove in two runs to tie the game. Phillips had four hits on Thursday. Joey Votto knocked Phillips in later in the inning to give the Reds a 7-6 advantage when Coco Cordero put the Giants down 1-2-3 to save the game.

I love this team.

+ Fox Sports' John Czarnecki writes that Antonio Bryant is the sixth highest overpaid NFL player this year. That's fine and good. But shouldn't you wait to see what the investment return is before judging the team's acquisition first?

+ I don't know about you, but I just don't care about the World Cup. However, I'll still watch the games with America playing. You have to, right? But I hear these things have no offense. That'll be fun.

+ The Steelers signed both Ohio State players they drafted, Thaddeus Gibson and Doug Worthington, making Pittsburgh the first team to sign draft picks this year in the division. 

+ The Columbus Blue Jackets hired Scott Arniel as the newest head coach this week.