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Sacramento Mountain Lions Deserve Updates: Antonio Chatman and Chris Perry With UFL Team

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Sometimes it's good to see old friends. You know, when you drop by an adult drinking establishment to talk about the Bengals -- because that's all you think about, right? -- and someone pats you on the back and you see a buddy of yours you haven't seen since high school. You talk momentarily with the usual courtesies, such as asking about jobs, family, etc.. After about five minutes, you go on your way.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions is a United Football League team that was known as the California Redwoods in 2009. Dennis Green, you probably don't remember, is the team's head coach, adding General Manager to his title this year. On Monday, Daunte Culpepper signed with the Mountain Lions and joined the team Thursday for the team's first practice of the offseason.

Along with Culpepper, the Mountain Lions added a few former Bengals players too -- our old friends. After spending a year with the Florida Tuskers in 2009, former Bengals running back Chris Perry signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions during the UFL's offseason. Joining Perry is former Bengals wide receiver Antonio Chatman, who was selected as the third pick in the sixth round of the 2010 UFL Draft. Doug Gabriel, a wide receiver with the Mountain Lions, spent two offseason months with the Bengals in 2008.

And thus, we go on our way.