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Bengals Bantering the Sports: Vince Young Done Be Dissed and Lewis' Trademark Skydiving Chuckle

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Good for Vince Young and his turn-around. After losing the starting quarterback gig to veteran quarterback Kerry Collins, Young "worked" towards getting that job back. Reportedly working hard, doing all of the right things, he was even given an ESPN the Magazine cover story. Now that he's got the starting gig back, he can go back to being an idiot.

Video surveillance shows Young trying to get through people surrounding a man (identified) as Creiton Kinchen inside an office at Club Onyx after Creiton apparently insulted Young and made a derogatory sign referencing the University of Texas, Young's alma mater. A brief scuffle ensues.

Two things. One, you should always be able to defend yourself when it's warranted. No one wants to be, or should be, a push over. On the other hand, if this is your reaction... Something of note: the video above doesn't include a few minutes before the altercation in which Young is clearly out of the door and leaving when an insult drew him back in.

Even if this is any other NFL player, in this media age, you have to be the bigger man and leave. This isn't the streets, where if you ignore insults, you're considered weak. Be the bigger man. Be the better person. This isn't good for Young. He's on that supposed road back towards being relevant in the NFL and something like this deviates that path. Then again, maybe Young is just not cut out for the NFL.

As per Music City Miracles, Young received a "citation for Class C assault, punishable by a fine of up to $500". NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello tweets that the NFL "will look into it."

+ Marvin Lewis had a great time skydiving on Sunday with Sgt First Class Mike Elliot.

+ Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga is a key guest for the NFL's Play 60 program in Humbolt County, California.

+ Former USC safety and popular predraft prediction, Taylor Mays, is working with the third team for the 49ers secondary. However, one report (the link in the previous sentence) states that his coverage skill are much better than what was being advertised before the draft.

+ Many can't believe that Albert Haynesworth, the highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL, is still keeping away from the Redskins. Former Redskins defensive end Charles Mann is in disbelief.

“Man, lemme tell you this, for a million dollars I would have done all those things (in the offseason program), not a hundred million," Mann told ESPN 980. “And I've sat with Albert and his wife and his mother at an event in the community. I just don't think he realizes. I'm looking at athletic events, I'm looking at the way these athletes handle different situations, and I look, and I say gosh.

“I mean, you go through it, you're young, and you think this is the way it's supposed to be and this is just regular life, and they have no clue as to the opportunity that they're in the midst of. I'd crawl on the ground backwards for a hundred million dollars."

+ Local guy Josh Katzowitz will be working for CBS' NFL Facts and Rumors.

+ Peter King talks about futbal (that's not the one that you prefer).