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Bengals Bantering Touchdown Jesus: Famous Statue Burns By An Act of God; Bengals Kickoff Minicamp (no connection... we think)

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I have lived on the North Side of Cincinnati nearly all of my life. Save for a spell on the East Side, most of what I know runs down the I-75 strip from Dayton through Cincinnati. But home has always been on the North Side. And every day I've passed it since 2004, it's always been there, scoring touchdowns. I'm sure many were offended by its grandiose nature. Not me. King of Kings. Touchdown Jesus. You've seen it. Everyone's seen it. It was the most ridiculous awesome thing ever.

Last night a wicked thunderstorm passed through that engorged most of Cincinnati with a wild (and neat) lightening display. Sitting on the back porch while it passed, I was certain that I saw several strikes hit the ground. One nearly slammed in the backyard, giving me pause, thinking I heard the recognizable buzzing of electricity. One such strike ended Touchdown Jesus. Game over, man.

So for those of you heading to the Hustler store right off the highway, know that you won't have the prying eyes of Touchdown Jesus showing his disappointment. Well, at least that you know of.

+ The Bengals kickoff minicamp today, which is a five-practice week that is mandatory for all players. Some of the questions about this week include, how quickly can Chad Ochocinco get "acclimated to the offense" which is sporting some new things in the passing game.

Other questions include how well can players bounce back from their injuries in 2009? Generally speaking, most issues revolve around the wide receivers, who plays where. The secondary. Defensively, maybe Rey Maualuga working some at middle linebacker with Michael Johnson working outside.

If anything, this week is more about how players are progressing along.

+ Proof that Daniel Coats has rock hands. Football Outsiders tracked who had the worst hands, accounting drops against targets. Of the 31 passes thrown his way, Coats dropped the football 22.6% of the time. That was reason enough to sign him back, apparently.