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Bengals Add Rod Woodson To Their Steelers Legends Coaching Intern Group

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Sometimes it's weird. The Bengals brought in a great center as a coaching intern. The weird part? It was Steelers great Dermontti Dawson. Truth be known, it's a good thing, while he works with Kyle Cook. Why not have the Bengals young center learn from one of the game's best while he played? Former Steelers player or not, Cook will become better for it. And that's kind of important.

But the Bengals aren't finished with former Steelers greats coming on as intern coaches. As per C Trent's tweet the Bengals brought "Steelers legend, Rod Woodson, as a coaching intern." Woodson was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on January 31, 2009 -- the 18th Steeler enshrined. Woodson has recently been working in part with the NFL Network. Maybe he can help our safeties turn from ass-kicking head hunters to an adequate group of center-fielders.