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Chad Ochocinco: Last Time I Checked We Destroyed Baltimore's Defense

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While Joe Reedy wrote that Chad Ochocinco "caught a couple 45-yard passes from Palmer", a general consensus from other beat writers is that Chad is rusty (even Chad admitted it). After missing offseason work with the team up until Tuesday, it's expected; though he's already showing signs of his great talent. Geoff Hobson observed.

The Ocho is back and he made one nice catch in Tuesday’s first practice of the Bengals mandatory minicamp when he knifed between cornerback Johnathan Joseph and safety Chris Crocker to make a leaping catch.

Alright. So he fell out of bounds. Is there any reason to worry about Chad falling behind? Is there any worries that he won't be ready when training camp rolls around? The dude dances and dates in the offseason, comes to camp on his first day of football activity and hauls in a couple of 40-yard plus passes and celebrates a touchdown to boot.

...all parties are confident he’ll be ready to go when training camp opens in six weeks. The Ocho admitted he’s not quite as sharp as he was at last year’s camp, but he says he’ll be heading out to box with former champ Floyd Mayweather in the next few weeks, as well as catching the ball.

“I’ve got dancer’s wind," he admitted after he went through the paces for the first time since he appeared on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and taped a dating show for VH1. “I’ll get (football wind) in three days.”

Joseph says The Ocho will get better as he goes but that the younger players already noticed a difference when he lined up.

You have to admit, the birth control quote is funny. But Zac Jackson transcribes Chad's best quote when asked about the Baltimore Ravens. "They're not better than us...last time I checked we destroyed their defense."

How could anyone be mad at Chad?